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  • Introducing A New Twist on Dining Out

    Welcome to the world of social dining. druul is a convenient platform that helps you find what and where to eat.

    druul takes a new approach by letting you, the user, search by you’re craving. User reviews are accessible down to specific dishes of restaurants in your local area. After all, even the best restaurants can have disappointing dishes.

  • Trust Your Social Dinner Table

    Don’t just drool over the pictures but share as a food critic. druul encourages you to simply take a picture of what you are eating, rate it, and send it to your social dining table.

    Integrated social tools allow you to share with your friends and family on your existing social networks. Brag about the delicious meal you just ate, and up your druul food critic status at the same time.

  • Discover New Food (and Save Money)

    druul was developed from the love of food to explore new restaurants and dishes. Helping that exploration are coupons that make going out to eat easier fighting your way through grocery store.

    Plus, your posts and shout-outs earn you points that can save you more money in your culinary exploration.

  • Mobile Connoisseur

    druul is a photo-based review platform right in your pocket. Each review has a picture of the actual dish that was served, allowing you to wet your appetite moreso than simply looking at a printed menu.

    With druul, you can confidently decide what to order so you don’t experience another bad meal again. Happy druuling!


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